by Potent Whisper

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Real Hip Hop. 5 tracks. 20 minutes. 1 love.


released April 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Potent Whisper UK


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Track Name: SUNRISE
It’s the dead of icy night,
My pen it glows with pride I’m warm.
I know the moments I chose in life were right, I rest assured.
Betrayal left a, less than perfect, person perilous,
a certain worth of sentiment was burnt to earth
By regiments dispersed:
Friends, girlfriends, family, bredrins,
how many of them did I forget, never regret how I addressed them.
Hurt, but I deflect them words (as I project them)
Allowed them to repent, those who wept,
And then I left them.
I live with honour, I’m the son of a Stephanou.
The decisions that I follow match that of my mum and bapous.
I won’t harm, I’ll disarm you.
Got no garmz, I farm food.
(But Smile all the while, cos I’m entitled to a chance to)
Sitting in the dark,
I’m awaiting the sun rise.
Praying to the lighter and narrating to pass time.
Layin awake-
Lookin at -
Nothing –
- (and im shooka that)
Aching to advance but I can’t dance blind.

Where’s the love in the streets?
I can’t see it and we need it now x3
I’m a brother of peace with broken teeth
But still the need to smile x2

Smoking on the reefa, I’m a believer in peace man.
But, if it’s not a beef, I’m getting harassed by the policeman.
And that’s not the one, slappin the cuffs on for nothin,
when I’m puffin up on a blunt, spreading the love, is that disgusting?
Why cage the bird when all it wants to do is sing?
Why degrade my worth when I’m obviously a king?
Why- why strive to hurt us?
why lie to curse us?
Making me do a bid -
raping me of my wings.
Livin amongst thugs, belittling their siblings.
Tryina stand up but your bitter’n your trippin em.
Vicious’n twisted,
Maliciously killin’em,
I’m wishing them love,
Yes I’m spittin for the little’ns.
Spray for the olive tree.
Stray from monopoly.
Pages of flames but I lay it on the concrete.
Honestly don’t follow me, be the change you wanna see,
but peacefully resistant, it’s our tradition.

Where’s the love in the streets?
I can’t see it and we need it now x3
I’m a brother of peace with broken teeth
But still the need to smile x2

Depressed,un stimulated and mash up,
wrestling death (But never a dagger)
yeeaah cu when I’m vex,
I’m packing a next serrated banter!
That’s a result of lack of
Lashin my back up mate!
Nar I’m serious BACK OFF
Im getting urges back off.
Ban anarchy.
But a.n.g.ry.
My thoughts obscene would hack off - and attack on - trust,
topple illuminate catos-
-trophies of loss.
what a lotta back door,
you know to believe, sorrow will leave,
Tomorrows what I spat for!
And still do.
Possessed by my ancestors I would kill you,
Outta respect, a gesture to the ill truth they left us.
So spit it out - Habitat –
“Fam is that a spliff in mauf,
forget all that - listen now,
Come on bruv, swing it raund”
This hand held instrument held me as infant,
I fell at easy at an instant,
So don’t tell me about symptoms!
But i don’t sniff, drop or shoot,
I wanna live to drop this tune,
Got a lot to give
On or off
Intend to follow through.

Where’s the love in the streets?
I can’t see it and we need it now x3
I’m a brother of peace with broken teeth
But still the need to smile x2
Track Name: NICE UP ft Iron Dread
When I was young (15),
I was a punk, ripped jeans.
Never lungin piff,
I was fed up of bunnin the grit weed.
So in due time, I grew mine to try some.
Now I got a line for my food and I'm nice up.
Back in the day,
I was trapped in an estate,
Where the man were giving hand jobs for smack, rock, and 8’s.
I was livin in a stand- off; the rats were on a race.
But now I'm spittin raps songs, their tryin’a kat my name.
This is the gang,
meet all of the man,
Greetings and welcome to the We Are Dubist fam!
Let me intro - drop all of the info on the clan,
dressed in smoke so blessed, it’s the We Are Dubist camp.
I sit back, my spliff’s packed fulla squidgy black,
I hit a bong of cheese, bangin beats,
and I'm relaxed.
You’ll never catch me bunnin thai,
I want it ripe to light up.
So when I'm on Wally’s drive,
that’s right, I’m nice up.

Famalamalam I’m Nice Up,
I got gramalams like Bamalam I’m Nice Up,
On the camalam at Battle ‘amp’! I’m Nice up,
Swing me the fire, sit back and light up. x2

It was a while back, jackin off to wild mags and orgies,
this was in the isle fam, stores would escort me!
I’d imagine raggin whores, slammin them on 4 knees,
I was young but now I'm hung, lappin up a porn feast.
Sundays were mundane, praying with them hypocrites
I’d rather bun grade or play the village idiot,
The thin and thick of it,
I want mine to wise up,
spirits live a long time if you’re on a Nice Up.
So rise up in harmony,
fight for the dance of peace,
Then get high,
Plant your seed brother,
farm your weed.
Pass your green to right hand for wisdom,
I never pass it left, that’s the mark of death. (Tradition)
So listen up,
I'm billin up a rip help me fill it up!
Then two lips on a tulip,
this kings come to kill his lungs.
But it’s a minor, so pass me the lighter,
then I’ll spit a bar for a laugh and its fire!


The government is tight up,
their buggering our lives up,
Fuck david Cameron!
I'm stabbin him
With my love.
And I might just, some - times be hyped up.
But it’s alright, I'm on a vibe and I’m Nice Up.
If I hyper ventilate mentally,
then sensi weed generates stimulation oh so so gently.
And when I'm on road an ongoing tendency,
I'm on a combo of Strongbow, skets and weed.
Yeah it sets me free, and I can rest in peace.
I bun my cess, hug a dread, and I forget my beef.
If you try ruck, my 1 sign will rise up,
fuck a blood fight cu tough guys are Nice Up.
Alie? Am I wrong?
I tried to write strong,
And when I died I could dine, am I in time god?
So just remember that,When I'm at the end of pad
And when and I'm dead, they’ll reflect,
and they’ll tell em that...

Famalamalam he was Nice Up,
He had gramalams like Bamalam and Nice Up,
On the camalam at Battle ‘amp’! so Nice up,
Now he’s even higher, entirely Nice Up! x2
Track Name: FRANCE
Hop in the car!
We’re Going to france!
I got the bud so I’m in the front,
We’re gonna have fun!
We’re rippin up the motorway,
I Bill a rip and toke away,
Spit into the wind in a less than sober state!
Then were going to the French land stiiiilllll
And I’m gonna meet a French man stiiiilllll
Shake a French hand, make a grand entrance,
acquaint the mandem till the madams say stiiiilllll!

Barbara, I’ll take off your bra with abacadabera,
cos when I spit it in France,
the ladies dance for the camera.
I really must have her!
But she wouldn’t let me touch,
Cu she lusts for customers.

I bought her to the orchard,
(The daughter of Napoleon)
We courted for a quarter,
then I showed her my Brixtonian!
I froggied that,
if it was Japan I would have doggied that.
I set her hash, ate her gash,
like bread at mass I bodied that!

9 in her abdomen,
wine in the back of the whip,
I left a little tip for her time,
It was adequate.
I Gave her soixante neuf,
then i paid her neuf soixante.
We stopped off for a quasant,
Then we dropped her at the bus stop.

BAM did you get that?
Where’s the camera lens at?
Let me make a status and tell all of the rest that;
I went to France,
Ate a quasant,
Cos I got the bud,
and he’s got the car!


Landed in Paris,
I was famished, it was hot out.
I was not down, so I got my cock out.
Set a madam head. I made her shout Wiii wiiii,
quickly banged her out, before I left I did a wee wee!

Went back to back with the mandem from Dubist,
me and Jacques Chirac maxed with a blunt skin.
Jammed by the Eiffel - Tower for a while,
gobbed off of the top for an hour like a child.

Roamed in a coat of arms,
homed her with open arms,
boned her hard, stuck my stone in her Joan of arch!
Move to you, ball in her pocket like a snooker que.
Made her Moulin Rouge,
She didn’t stop it like a tube of lube.

Then she approached me, Mrs. Sarkozy.
Nicholas knows he can seriously blow me!
I’m in the car,
Bow to the car,
Back to London, that was a laugh!
Carry on runnin, that was a parr!
Hurry up, we’re followed by guards!

Track Name: MY TOKEN
She came from Kurdistan,
now surrounded by an urban land.
But still her will is strong,
rockin with the firmest hand.
She had a strict up-bringing and it’s pissed but,
singing moral loyally, she honoured me, the whisper.

Merely a peasant to her parents who were muslims,
I was up a drain pipe at late night to look in.
But it was worth it, I worked for that one day.
I didn’t go church fam, I saw her on a Sunday.

I was 21, she was only 17.
If I was her mum I wouldn’t want me on the scene,
but we didn’t make love, so we would hug and dream
of a once upon a time we may one day speak.

(And smile on it)
Yup, It would be a while from it,
how we proved our love and grew a child from it.
I would never imply that was my plan, but,
if it was right, then I might just be your man.

My Lady Potent,
I waited for the moment,
to play this so listen to the lyrics - my emotions.
This is my spirit; it’s your property,
Evoke it.
I was hoping you would honour me and take it.
It’s my token…

Then one day, we lay on my bed,
got carried away and she opened up her legs.
We both got tested in the passion of the moment,
But the magic would have broken if we went ahead.

So we waited.
(Knowing it was sacred)
Growing in emotions, but I remained patient.
Blatant lust, but resisting from an aching touch.
It wasn’t fun, but I would never make a tainted love.

And love is what it was, after a month it was evident.
Another fortnight, I thought I would tell her it.
It wasn’t for my gain, I didn’t tell her for the benefits.
She felt the same.
It was amazing.
It was genuine.

We made plans, sitting in the wishes of my safe hands,
Spittin while she’s singing to the rhythm on the same track.
Headed for the sunrise,
To christen vows I laid a dub,
Potent wrote this and as you listen now they’re making love.

My Lady Potent,
I waited for the moment,
to play this so listen to the lyrics - my emotions.
This is my spirit; it’s your property,
Evoke it.
I was hoping you would honour me and take it.
It’s my token…